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First Lego League Resources

The Orenco Robotics club has participated in FLL events since the 2014 season. We have collected the challenge guide and mission model building instructions for each year we’ve participated.
Past FLL Season Resources

Robot Building Instructions

Riley Rover
SuGO Bot
Seán Mark 2
SeáN Mark 4
Beale Bot
Box Bot


How to make attachments that don’t look like they came from a Dr Seuss Book
Channel: FLL Amateur Hour
Published On: Nov 1, 2017
Length: 9:22
Description (from video):

This video will show you some basics about what makes a good attachment for your FLL robot.

I find that our group tends to try to build things that are not strong and reliable.

I think we can get better at this by following a few simple rules:

1) try to build things that look like real world machines 2) build things using squares and square pieces 3) when making something rotate, use at least two pivot points or two points of rotation 4) use at least two points of attachment for all pieces 5) make things that are easy to add and remove to the base robot

From Garbage to Great - My FLL Robot Designs Over the Years
Channel: Builderdude35
Published On: Nov 30, 2017   Length: 13:31   Description (from video):

What were my FLL robot designs like when I competed a few years ago? Some of my viewers have asked to see the history of my competition robot designs through the years that I participated in FLL. This week, we take a look at my robot designs as I explain the distinguishing features of each one and the progression that led up to my most recent design, the ever-popular Sirius.

Building a Lego ev3 Robot from Base Kit for FIRST LEGO League (FLL)
Channel: Zachary Trautwein
Published On: Apr 26, 2017
Length: 34:46
Description (from video):

In this video we learn how to build a lego EV3 Robot!! The robot has a lot of cool features to assist in FIRST LEGO League including: The Universal Attachment Mounting System Compact Design Dual Bumpers and more!

Check out the Mod’s Video for this robot!!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxBVJ…

How to Build an FLL Robot - 8 Simple Tips
Channel: Builderdude35
Published On: Mar 5, 2017
Length: 5:13
Description (from video):

This EV3 robot design tutorial is going to give you eight very important tips on how to build an FLL robot. This is going to be extremely useful for any FLL teams, rookie or expert. Please note that these tips are based on my FLL experience. I am not trying to force anything onto you, I only want to give you suggestions; If you know a better method, by all means try that instead!

FLL: How to Win!
Channel: Zachary Trautwein
Published On: Feb 5, 2018
Length: 5:18
Description (from video):

A question that I think needs answered…. how do I win at FIRST? Well that depends on what you look at as winning. Do you consider trophies winning? what is your definition of a trophy? Is it the knowledge or the hardware?